Christmas is only 4 DAYS away!?

If you’re anything like me, Christmas really snuck up on you. And I mean FAST! I like to tell myself – every single year – that I will start shopping early, I will be organized and everything will actually be purchased and it will be a stress free holiday. Then I find myself realizing I have a week left until Christmas. Way to procrastinate Lyn!!!! (it’s my 2nd favourite thing to do you know.)

The overwhelm of the latest lockdown here in Alberta has had me all over the map with my mental, emotional, and even my physical health. Knowing I now have 3 more weeks not being able to see my clients is a hard pill to swallow. *insert seriously sad face here* I’ve really realized over the last number of months, how much all of these interactions actually benefit MY own mental health.

Now, instead of choosing to focus on the negative, I am flipping the script! Don’t get me wrong, I can be, and I am, lazy. I enjoy laying around, binging tv shows and movies just like anyone else, but I’m throwing myself into some business building education from the lovely http://www.dawnbradley.com, and I have to say it’s something I’ve needed for a while! The support and community I have already found has changed everything for me.

Do you know what the solution to BURNOUT is? If you had asked me this two weeks ago, my answer would have been something like – “Take a bath, relax, focus on some good self love/care!” – And it still is, to a certain point.

The best thing to change those feelings of burnout and flip them around, is to talk to someone you trust – Talk to a caring person. Find support. Find your community.

True, sometimes a good cry is a great release too. I have been known to have a good cry here and there myself. But, as I have been known to say – don’t live there! Find a community, a group, some support. Make new friends! *waves*

Grab this book and read it with me, lets concur burnout together!

I can’t wait to share all the exciting things I’ve been learning! If you’re looking for some help building clientele, biz inspiration, or some support be sure to check Dawn out!

And don’t forget, I’m always just a message away.

♡ Lynbot